Learn to Type Japanese - Japanese Input Method Editor

Japanese Romaji Input Method

Input hiragana/katakana as pronounced, with the following exceptions:

  1. ん should be input as nn (not n).
  2. Small つ could be input by repeating the first letter of its following romaji, e.g. yokatta = よかった (well done).
  3. In general, small hiragana/katakana can be input by 'x' before its romaji, e.g. pa-texi- = パーティー (party).
  4. Long vowel can be input as - (dash), and it will be represented as ー, e.g. apa-to = アパート (apartment).
  5. は and を should be input as ha and wo respectively, no matter how they are pronounced.
  6. じ ぢ づ should be input as zi, di and du respectively.