TOEFL English Vocabulary Lists

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lapinskicho on 2011-1-8

Words with root "cur" (9)

Root "cur" is originated from Latin word "cūrāre", means care, cure or manage.
lapinskicho on 2011-3-11

Words with root "stru" or "struct" (11)

Root stru or struct originates from Latin verb struere and its past participle structus, meaning build.
lapinskicho on 2011-1-14

Words with root "grad" or "gress" (17)

"grad" and "gress" are originated from Latin verb gradus/gressus, meaning to walk or to advance.
lapinskicho on 2011-5-26

Words with prefix "ex" and "extra" (87)

"ex" means out/outside, "extra" means outside/except/without, both originate from Latin.
lapinskicho on 2011-1-25

Words with prefix "sym" or "syn" (14)

Prefix "sym" or "syn" originates from Greek, meaning with or together with. The prefix can also be "sy" or "syl" in spelling.
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