English Vocabulary Flash Cards: Phrasal verbs L-M

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keep on doing something
  • continue doing
keep something from someone
  • not tell
keep someone/something out
  • stop from entering
keep something up
  • continue at the same rate
let someone down
  • fail to support or help, disappoint
let someone in
  • allow to enter
look after someone/something
  • take care of
look down on someone
  • think less of, consider inferior
look for someone/something
  • try to find
look forward to something
  • be excited about the future
look into something
  • investigate
look out
  • be careful, vigilant, and take notice
look out for someone/something
  • be especially vigilant for
look something over
  • check, examine
look something up
  • search and find information in a reference book or database
look up to someone
  • have a lot of respect for
make something up
  • invent, lie about something
make up
  • forgive each other
make someone up
  • apply cosmetics to
mix something up
  • confuse two or more things