English Vocabulary Flash Cards: Phrasal verbs C-D

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call around
  • phone many different places/people
call someone back
  • return a phone call
call something off
  • cancel
call on someone
  • ask for an answer or opinion
  • visit someone
call someone up
  • phone
calm down
  • relax after being angry
not care for someone/something
  • not like (formal)
catch up
  • get to the same point as someone else
check in
  • arrive and register at a hotel or airport
check out
  • leave a hotel
check someone/something out
  • look at carefully, investigate
  • look at (informal)
cheer up
  • become happier
cheer someone up
  • make happier
chip in
  • help
clean something up
  • tidy, clean
come across something
  • find unexpectedly
come apart
  • separate
come down with something
  • become sick
come forward
  • volunteer for a task or to give evidence
come from somewhere
  • originate in
count on someone/something
  • rely on
cross something out
  • draw a line through
cut back on something
  • consume less
cut something down
  • make something fall to the ground
do something up
  • fasten, close
dress up
  • wear nice clothing
drop back
  • move back in a position/group
drop in/by/over
  • come without an appointment
drop someone/something off
  • take someone/something somewhere and leave them/it there
do away with something
  • discard
do something over
  • do again (N.Amer.)
do someone/something over
  • beat up, ransack (Br.E., informal)
cut something out
  • remove part of something (usually with scissors and paper)
cut someone off
  • take out of a will
cut something off
  • remove with something sharp
  • stop providing
cut in
  • interrupt
  • pull in too closely in front of another vehicle
  • start operating (of an engine or electrical device)
drop out
  • quit a class, school etc