English Vocabulary Flash Cards: Phrasal verbs A-B

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ask someone out
  • invite on a date
ask around
  • ask many people the same question
add up to something
  • equal
back something up
  • reverse
back someone up
  • support
blow up
  • explode
blow something up
  • add air
break down
  • stop functioning (vehicle, machine)
  • get upset
break something down
  • divide into smaller parts
break in
  • interrupt
  • force entry to a building
break into something
  • enter forcibly
break something in
  • wear something a few times so that it doesn't look/feel new
break up
  • end a relationship
  • start laughing (informal)
break out
  • escape
break out in something
  • develop a skin condition
bring someone down
  • make unhappy
bring someone up
  • raise a child
bring something up
  • vomit
  • start talking about a subject